The Samuel Wickens Centre,
Broadmark Lane Car Park, Rustington BN16 2NW.
(Rear of Waitrose Store)
Annet 07877253470

Rustington Platinum social club is the over 60s club founded by Annet Ziraba in February 2014 with the objective of encouraging older adults to come together, socialise and participate in various organised activities.

A great number of older people who come to Rustington to retire, have no close relations nearby and those with relatives / friends still find themselves isolated because their family have other commitments. Many suffer social isolation, loneliness and lack self-confidence. A number of older people feel a burden to society and always lose the will to live a happy and meaningful life in their twilight years.

Although the various churches organise activities and coffee/ tea sessions to bring together all people of different ages, race and nationality, these activities only last a couple of hours. Rustington Platinum Social club will carry out activities that aim at meeting the members’ social emotional and physical needs. The activities we provide give the members the opportunity to meet on regular basis, make new friends and also support each other both within and outside of the group.

Currently, there are no over 60s clubs serving Rustington village. Although there is coffee mornings run by various churches in the area, these activities mainly last about an hour or two. They are not part of a comprehensive programme that looks at the general wellbeing of its members. By organising these activities, the club is unique in providing services in the heart of Rustington village. Rustington platinum club is centrally located in Rustington village at Samuel Wickens Centre next to the Red Cross.

Rustington is a popular seaside resort in west Sussex for people looking to retire because of its beautiful coastal location. According to the office of national statistics, in 2011 the population over 65 years of age accounted for 36.8% of the total population in Rustington compared to 35.7% in 2001, showing a significant increase of 1.1%. The rise in population in this group has led to an increase in demand for local services geared towards them. The club will aim at meeting this demand by offering its members various services and activities.

Rustington has good transport links with buses serving the high street every 10 minutes and a railway station a few minutes away (approx. 1.2 miles) on the Angmering / East Preston border.


Our mission is to offers programmes devoted to physical, social and emotional wellbeing of the older adults in our community and to ensures that our members live a more productive and healthier life.